Andreas Neusüß

I am a bright and enthusiastic developer looking to make a difference in the world.
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Master thesis iPhone app that uses the developed C++ Framework.
Falling asleep while driving is one of the main cause for road accidents. In my master thesis I developed a C++ framework for a smartphone-based fatigue warning system.
It continuously analyses multiple indications of drowsiness and warns the driver when the risk of micro-sleep is increased.
WWDC18 Scholarship
My WWDC scholarship submission project.
I was awarded with a WWDC scholarship by Apple in 2018. My project aims to teach developers the basics of color representation.
The user can interact with a custom color picker and thereby compare the capabilities of the sRGB to the P3 color space. By opening a live feed from the devices camera, my project shows the colors in the user surroundings that are exclusively contained by the P3, but not the sRGB color space.
ClubNews iPhone and Apple Watch App
Follow clubs you like and receive updates of their upcoming events.
No need for printed advertisements.
‘Where can me and my friend go this evening’ and ‘What parties take place next week’ answered in a matter of seconds.
TourTime iPhone App
Let TourTime keep track of the time you spent on the go.
It starts counting the seconds when you leave and stops automatically when you arrive at your destination.

Without constantly using GPS – your battery will thank you!
Bachelorthesis iPad App
An iPad app for controlling the ambient lightning in Audi vehicles during their prototype phase1.
XJodel Mac App
Unofficial Mac app for Jodel, an anonymous location based campus chat for students.
And more projects on my GitHub profile.

I believe in people. I also believe in technology.
In my understanding, everything we do should put human beings in the focus.
So far, in my journey I strived to gain a deeper knowledge about human nature. Now, I can phrase my objective: enrich as many lives as possible using technology.
That is where I want my life to head towards. This is my mission.

1. [The original image was taken from AUDI AG. Audi Q5 Innenraum Nr. A1610601.]